Let's Get Reel: Ideation

Ready to try your hand at making video content? But stuck for ideas, or not quite sure where to start, what to film or what your customers might be looking for? We've got you covered! Below we've shared 5 ways get video ideas. 

We've lightly touched on how we come up with video ideas in our last blog here and below is a little more detail on how we look for inspiration and come up with ideas for videos. Before we dive in, there's a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Your audience
    When creating content, it's easy to fall into the trap of creating content you like and think will do well, not necessarily what your customers want. While you want to be creating content you also enjoy, always remember who your target audience is and keep them front and centre. 

  • Don't go too hard on the sales pitch
    This might sound counterintuitive, but social is less of a sales conversation and more of a brand or awareness conversation - you want to get your name out there and get more eyes on your business. Sales can come later. Have you ever been stuck talking to someone who clearly wants to sell you something and you're just not in the headspace or interested? That's a little what can happen if you come on too strong. 

1. Look for inspiration

If inspiration isn't coming from the inside, look for it on the outside! Look at businesses that are similar to yours that are finding success on social and take note of what seems to work for them. 

2. Keywords

While checking your competitors out, we recommend taking a look at what keywords they're using on videos that do well. They're worth noting down and remembering for when you're making videos, posting or trying to find an idea to centre yours around. 

3. Competitor Research

Are your competitors making videos that fly? Or maybe they're not? Take a look at their accounts and see what content works for them, what doesn't and what customers are 

4. FAQs 

Got some questions you get asked ALL the time? Use videos to answer them! This not only gives you some content to create to, but also establishes you as knowledgeable in your field as well as answering questions you know customers (current and future) have. 

5. Stay up with the trends

People like doing business with people and trends are a great way to show off the people in your business. Keep an eye out for fun, relatable and relevant trends you can put your own spin on while browsing reels or TikToks. 

You can also use TikTok's Creative Center to look for trends, get help writing scripts and brainstorm ideas for any TikToks you might want to create. It's worth noting that the trends on Meta and TikTok do vary a little, so it's worth doing research for both.


Ready to film? Before you get started we've put together a blog for everything you need to start filming. Or take a look at our other posts here. for more tips and tricks, insights and resources.