Let's Get Reel

When it comes to creating video content (or anything business related), we don't gate keep! We took a dive inside the brains of our content creators to spill their secrets. 

Basically, there are 4 steps to creating and posting video content, whether that's TikTok or a Reel. These four steps are broken into Ideation, Filming, Editing & Posting, with each step playing an equally important role in the success of your video content. 

1. Ideation

Before you even get started making your video, take some time to think about the content your customers want to engage with and view. While it's easy to get stuck in the trap of creating content you like, you're not the one engaging with the content so make sure it's geared towards your audience. 

Some tips:

  • Look up keywords relevant to your business to incorporate for search purposes
  • Take a scroll at what your competitors or others in your industry are doing
  • Look for trends you can jump on that are relevant to your industry and business to show your fun side

2. Filming

When it comes to filming, you don't need fancy equipment! In fact, the more authentic and less polished your video is, the better 

Some tips:

  • Use your phone
    You don't need a professional camera set up to make good content. These days most phones are more than capable of doing what you need. 
  • Film in portrait
    With most users using their phones portrait and TikTok bringing back portrait videos, this is now the preferred way of viewing. 
  • Lighting
    Again, you don't need a fancy set up, but you do need your viewers to see you. Utilise natural light or nab a ring light for a bargain, if you can't make the most of daylight. Personally, we rely on daylight - keeping it all natural baby. 

3. Editing

No need for expensive editing equipment! Both Meta and TikTok reward you when you edit a video in their platform, so take advantage of that and use in platform fonts, add audio in each app. 

If you do prefer to edit outside of the built in editors, here are some of our favourites:

  • CapCut
    Linking to TikTok you can find easy to use templates and trends, making video content easy as. 
  • Snaptik 
    Now we know we said to edit individually in each app, but we use Snaptik to remove watermarks, making it easy to copy and paste TikToks to reels. Both platforms dislike watermarks (unless it's their own), so if you're reusing videos it's essential to make they're removed. 

4. Posting

With your video created, you're all set now right? Not quite! To give your video it's best shot at reaching more people, there's a couple things you need to do. 

  • Subtitles
    Not only does this make your video more accessible, but it makes it more findable and gets rewarded by the platform you post to. 
  • Post Caption
    An essential! You can go long form with more information, short and sweet, funny or informative - but try to include relevant keywords. 
  • Hashtags
    While hashtags come in and out of style, they are currently IN so be sure to incorporate these into your posts. 

Next time you're making video content, give this a whirl to streamline your process! Want more tips and tricks, insights and resources? Take a look at our other posts here.