How to be benefits led for each season

With the seasons changing, you might find yourself wanting to switch up your marketing a little - particularly as your customer's needs evolve. While we're always big believers in leading with your benefits, the change of season is a good time to reevaluate and adjust what benefits you're leading with. 

What are the benefits of being benefits-led?

  • Customer-centric Focus: By focusing on the benefits your product or service solves for customers, you speak directly to their needs and desires - making your marketing message more relevant and engaging.
  • Clear Value Proposition: Being benefits-led allows you to cut through the noise and appeal directly to the needs and wants of your customers, customers see how your services or product can help improve their lives right off the bat. 
  • Emotional Connection:  Features are technical, while benefits are more emotional. By tapping into your customer's emotions you can evoke a stronger connection as well as convey the impact you'll have on their day to day. 

Changing with the seasons: Why you need to adapt.

As the seasons change, so do peoples' needs and priorities. What was a focus during summer, may no longer be a priority in winter - making it important to adapt with the seasons as they and your customer's needs change. 

Your customers aren't buying features, they buy solutions. While they might be on the hunt for insulation, they really care about staying warm in winter and the bonus of lower heating bills. Come summer this messaging would flip, and it's all about keeping things comfortably cool without sky-high air conditioning costs. 

By realigning your messaging, you can demonstrate a deeper understanding of your customer's needs, endearing them to you - even though they may not be fully aware of it. 

Switching up your messaging for the seasons is also a great way to appeal to a new audience as you appeal to customers whose needs differ from your usual audience. 

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How to adapt to the seasons?

Depending on how hard you want to run at adapting to the seasons, we've pulled together a couple of ways - some easy wins, some requiring a little more work. 

  • Highlight Seasonal Benefits
    Switch out your messaging to suit the season. If you're in hospitality, this could look like promoting cosy mulled wine by the fireplace with a hot meal in winter instead of beer out on the deck in summer. Or if you're in heating and cooling, switch your messaging from staying cool in summer to staying warm in winter.
  • Offer Seasonal Promotions
    If you want to run promotions, link them to the season to incentivise purchases. Or if your product or service addresses needs outside of the season, talk about being prepared and getting set up in advance of the busy season. 
  • Refresh your imagery
    Updating your imagery to align with the season is another easy win, whether this is in social posts, emails, or (if you're up for it) your website. 
  • Weave in seasonal language
    It's a simple one, but incorporating seasonal language can have a big impact - and you don't have to make big changes either. Incorporating simple terms like 'beat the heat' or 'warm up this winter', add a seasonal element to your emails, ads or social posts - without having to do a big overhaul. 

By switching up your benefits from season to season, you're able to address the individual needs of your customers as they change, as well as maximise your marketing efforts.

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