5 ways to bring in new customers

No matter what your business goals are, customers are essential to meeting them. If you're looking to grow, new customers are a no-brainer. And if you're not, you still want to keep your existing customers coming back for more, as well as acquire a few here and there to combat occasional churn. To help you out we've put together 5 of our favourite ways to get new (and old) customers in the door. 

Social Ads

Target existing customers as well as new prospects with paid ads on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer powerful targeting options. Allowing you to reach and connect with new and existing customers based on their interests, demographics and behaviour, letting you cast your net wide or get close to your customers. Plus, your options for ads are limitless, with stories, static and multi-image, and video formats on offer, so you can be as creative with your messaging as you like!

Search & Display Ads

Just like social ads, Google Search, Display, Shopping and Video Ads reach a wide audience. But unlike social ads, they appear on Google Search Engine Result Pages, on Google's feeds (like YouTube), and across the Google Display Network (a vast array of websites) - giving you maximum visibility. With careful keyword research and well-crafted ad copy, you can reach customers before they start searching for businesses like yours, as they’re searching and after they’ve found you.


Email continues to be one of the most effective forms of marketing, not to mention free! With a solid database, you can send promotional emails to your customers, notify them of new promotions and products, or send informative content to build trust, keep them in the loop and encourage sales.

To build up your database there are two routes to go down.

  1. Encourage customers and visitors to your website to share their email addresses in exchange for exclusive discounts, information or free resources. Once you have secured these emails make sure you follow through on your promise and you're all set with a new database to market to!

  2. Another option for our B2B businesses who are short on time and resources is to cut straight to the chase and search the Yellow Online Directory or our Online Books. Or head to a business's website to see if they have the emails of key personnel listed. 

Then, once you have a list you can reach out directly or create personalised emails guiding this audience to your goal - whether that's a purchase, enquiry, booking or phone call.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Compared to Social, Google and Emails, SEO is very much a long game and one that's very much worth it. By optimising your website for search engines you're able to boost your visibility and capitalise on organic (i.e. free!) traffic. While we'd recommend talking to an SEO specialist for maximum impact, here are two ways to optimise your website:

  • Incorporating target keywords relevant to your business and industry throughout your website. 
  • Link to your website from websites Google deems as reputable to boost your own website's reputation. Some easy wins on this front are business listing sites like Yellow Online, Finda, and any social platforms you might be on. 


Satisfied customers are a massive driver for business. Harness your happy customers and encourage them to leave positive reviews on your Google Business Profile and Business Listings, or share reviews sent via email on your website, social accounts or other marketing materials. Reviews can be the deciding factor when it comes to customers choosing you or your competition, so make sure you're sharing your testimonials to capture new customers and create a cycle of trust.

Want to talk more about how these options can work for your business? Or even discuss alternatives? Book a call with a Yellow Expert to talk through your options and see which options are the best fit for your business.