3 Myths About the Yellow Book


When it comes to the Yellow Book, we're starting to get a little over hearing the same old myths time and time again. So we're here to dispel some common myths and set the record straight! 

"No one uses the Yellow Book anymore."

Not quite, our Yellow Books are used up, down and across the nation, with over 500k+ Yellow Book users monthly. We'd hardly say that's no one!

While it sometimes feels like the internet, mobiles and various other devices are inescapable, that's not the case for everyone. Many kiwis in Aotearoa, either through choice or circumstance are without a digital connection of some kind.

For these kiwis, the Yellow Book acts as a connection to essential services like localised emergency and government numbers, as well as a connection to businesses. After all, everyone should be able to get in touch with their local services, contract a tradie to build a new deck or call an emergency sparkie in a pinch. 

Internet NZ has recently revealed more and more Kiwis are becoming concerned with privacy and safety online, making the Yellow Book a safe and secure alternative for those with these concerns. As well as our less digitally savvy whanāu who may not be as at home on a computer or phone as they would be the book. 

Not to mention, the Yellow Book can be quite good in a pinch. With more recent weather events having thrown quite a few spanners our way, a Yellow Book can be good to have on hand if your internet cuts out, cell towers or power is down.

We’ve spoken before about the digital divide and the importance of equitable access to information, so we won’t get too into it, but if you'd like to read more about this, check out our blog here!

"It’s expensive."

Nope! While Print Advertising and more traditional forms of advertising have a reputation for being on the expensive side, that’s not the case for the Yellow Book.

Keeping the equitable energy going, our Yellow Book is accessible and affordable for Kiwi businesses of all shapes and sizes, placing the book into the homes of Kiwis. With options for businesses of all shapes and sizes, kiwi businesses can easily get visibility throughout the year without having to sink their marketing budget into a one-off advertisement. 

"But… the environment?"

We get where you’re coming from, we really, really do. This is why we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve our books at every stage of production. Whether that’s looking into where our paper comes from, what inks we use and how we deliver to make sure how books are getting to the right places.

Alongside our own efforts, we work with a printer who’s just as passionate about the environment, Webstar. Webstar, are recognised globally for their efforts winning numerous awards and having their own environmentally friendly initiatives in play.

This is something we’ve talked about before, so if you’re interested in learning more about what we’re doing on the environment front, check out our last blog here.

So there ya go! Hopefully, we've cleared up some misconceptions about the Yellow Book and print advertising. If you want to read more about print, check out our previous blogs here or our FAQ here.