The Internet - A Digital Luxury?  

Information is a touchpoint in our world, connecting, entertaining, educating, furthering ourselves and levelling the playing field. A touchpoint we can access through the internet, but for many, this isn’t an option. 

With the rise of working from home, we've seen the digital divide thrown into sharp relief showing gaps in digital equity across Aotearoa. And even with the push to counter this in the last few years, our latest Small Business Nation Report shows growth has been stagnant.

Being digitally unconnected may seem unlikely, but there are many reasons for Kiwi households and businesses to remain digitally unconnected in an increasingly digital world. By not having an alternative avenue of information available, this portion of the population is excluded from accessing valuable and essential information. When you can’t just “Google it”, it’s much harder to find information. This is where Yellow comes in.

The Yellow Book.

Built on a solid foundation of equal and equitable access to information, we've held true to this as we've evolved over the last 65+ years. Rolling out affordable and accessible pricing on all our products, our Yellow Book is where it all started! Working on two levels to provide emergency, essential and business listings for Kiwis, as well as an affordable and accessible advertising channel for Kiwi businesses. 

Information for everyone.

We're firm believers in bringing everyone into the fold and giving the resources to include our wider communities. Everyone should be able to access the information they need - whether that's contact details for their local MP to have their voice heard, localised emergency services, or calling in a plumber. 

For those without ultrafast broadband or a decent data connection, the Yellow Book is the connection. Which is why we work on an opt-out rather than opt-in basis. There are more barriers for those without internet access or resources to opt in than for someone with a connection to opt out. While local libraries are an amazing resource for our communities, not everyone is mobile enough to access them, either to use community computers and wifi or to pick up books. We’re working to remove barriers here, not create them.

Alongside the book, we operate a 018 directory connecting Kiwis to businesses, services and loved ones. Available for anyone to call, this service is a great resource for those who are vision impaired or seeking a more personal touch.

Yellow and Businesses.

The Yellow Book doesn't just connect Kiwis to services or businesses, it provides an affordable advertising platform for small businesses who don't have the same advertising spend their larger counterparts do.

While there’s been a massive push for businesses to get online, the same blockers exist. Sure, digital has the perk of updating information immediately and as needed, but this can be a disadvantage. For businesses without the resources or time to spend on updating websites, stock and inventory, or even the processes or systems in place for this, this is another thing to worry about.

Compared to traditional advertising platforms like tv, radio and newspapers, digital is the most cost-effective. Although many digital channels require a website or link to send ads. So where do the 33% of Kiwi businesses go when they don't have an online presence? The Yellow Book!

A one-time purchase that exists all year round, making it an accessible and affordable option for businesses to access “always on” marketing without having to pay continuous fees throughout the year. And it only needs to be updated once a year, taking up less time and resources.

- Rob Jane, Head of Print

Our Yellow Book gives Kiwi businesses the means to get their name out there, without breaking the bank. 

What goes into a Yellow Book?

Finding information is the name of the game for our books and plays a crucial role in the structure and layout of our Yellow Book, one we've spent years optimising.

Kicking off the book is hyper-localised information consisting of essential contact points like medical, police, counselling and other services. Making it easy for searches to find the right service from the get-go. After that, it's straight into business listings, ordered alphabetically by industry to make searching even easier.

We know our Yellow Book continues to make a difference across the country, and we’re proud to be providing equitable access to information for those across Aotearoa who need and rely on these channels.

Want to learn more about the digital divide?

  • An estimated 200,000 kiwis are without a digital connection, with the number expected to be higher.
  • InternetNZ reports “low levels of social connectedness are related to poor health outcomes, and higher mortality risks, together with significant reduction in quality of life.” By providing the means to connect we can help mitigate this.
  • Lack of accessibility, availability, support systems for those affected by accidents or tragedies and digital literacy are some of the reasons Kiwi households remain unconnected in an increasingly digital world.
  • 33% of kiwi businesses don't have an online presence.