What to Consider When Telling Your Business Story

Storytelling is the buzzword in the digital marketing world right now. Well, after all, who doesn’t love a good story! There are fun and creative ways to share your business with others. Even if you don’t consider what you’re doing to be overly exciting, others will, and that means there’s an interesting story to be told.

What you do

When telling your business story, the most important message to get across is the one about what you do/offer. This might seem simple, but so many businesses struggle to find the words to describe what they do. Establish your unique selling point, either with your team or an advertising agency. Define what sets you apart from other companies like yours. Once you’ve figured out your points of difference, you’ll be ready to communicate that in your business story.

The emotional connection

Every good story creates an impact on the reader/viewer. Think about original, honest ways to get your message across, while appealing to the heart and soul of your target audience. Tell relatable stories that make sense in the context of your business. Talk about your insights, problem-solving abilities, celebrations and happy customer experiences. Don’t focus on direct selling in your storytelling exercises; remember to take the consumer on a relevant journey and leave them feeling inspired to make decisions. Storytelling builds solid relationships and keeps people engaged, so use language, imagery and motion graphics to express your brand.

Who’s behind the company

Take your target audience behind the scenes and introduce them to the human faces of your business. Interview the founder or CEO about what drives them, talk about highlights, milestones and plans for the future. Explore how you started out in business, how long you've been going for, and the highs and lows of your adventures. If you’re making video content, give them a peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

Adding value

Weave into your content the ways you're going to be enhancing or making people’s lives easier. Use a variety of methods to get your value proposition across. Video content, Facebook ad copy, website copy, infographics, an e-book or a blog post are all helpful communication tools. There’s so much information on the web, so make yours unique and strike that chord with audiences.

Yellow excels in articulating stories for small businesses across NZ. Give us a call to find out how we can tell yours.