Social Bio Tips for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook & LinkedIn

You may have come here from our previous blog, where we touched on the fundamental ingredients for nailing your social media bio. This time round, we're sharing some tips tailored to each platform, since each one works a little differently to the other. So, if you're after some tips for each platform, read on! 

Tips for Instagram

Character Length: 150 characters

Tone: Fun, relatable, and approachable. 

User and Display Name: Optimising your user and display name makes it easier for customers to find you and gives you the opportunity to reach new customers by appearing on the Explore page. Try to incorporate keywords relevant to your product, services or business to get in front of customers who are searching using these terms.

About You: This is where you get to shine! Craft a concise, yet still informative, bio that explains your business, what you do and your brand ethos. Here's where you include your unique selling points or values to attract like-minded customers. 

Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords in your bio to attract users searching for similar products or services. Keywords should also flow through to your post descriptions, but more on that another time. 

Links: Make the most of Instagram's links in bio! In the past, we've been limited to only one link, that's no longer the case with up to 5 links on offer. Keep these links updated to ensure they're helping you reach your goals - whether that's driving to a landing page, promotion or your website. Alternatively, you can use a link-in-bio service if 5 links just aren't enough!

Headline: Customise your headline to include your business name and relevant keywords and improve your chances of appearing in relevant search results.

Location: If you have a physical store or operate in specific regions, add your location to help potential customers identify your base and promote local buying.

Contact Buttons: Enable contact buttons on your business profile to allow users to call, email, or get directions to your business directly from Instagram to become more accessible.

Tips for TikTok

Character Limit: 80

Tone: Fun, sassy, self-deprecating. 

About You: With the least amount of characters on offer, your TikTok bio needs to be punching. Our top tip is to keep it short, sweet and light. TikTok is all about entertaining and flipping traditional marketing on its head, so use this to your advantage and showcase your brand's personality and humour. And remember, less is more here!

Links: With only one link on offer, we recommend making the most of this link and using a link-in-bio service where you can link to multiple pages.

Contact Details: Let customers know how they can reach you with an email link or find you in other places by linking your profile to other social platforms. 

Tips for Facebook

Character Limit: 255 in the About section; 50,000 in the Additional Information section.

About Us: With quite a bit more wiggle room than Instagram or TikTok, the world is your oyster! Before you go to town, remember character limits are exactly just that, limits. Don't feel you need to use up every single character just because it's on offer. Large walls of text can be a little overwhelming and you want your bio to be readable and accessible. Even with a bonus of 50,000 characters, we recommend keeping it brief and leaving a little mystery - but not too much mystery!

Basic Details: Ensure your page includes essential information such as your location, opening hours, and contact details. These details might not be glamorous, but they are vital for potential customers.

Tips for LinkedIn 

Character limit: 2000 or up to 2600

About You: With LinkedIn being the home for all things business, now's the time to whip together a compelling summary of your business and what you do. Be sure to highlight your unique selling points, industry expertise, and how your products or services benefit your customers. 

Headline: Customise your headline to incorporate relevant keywords and provide a brief overview of what you do. This acts as the teaser for the about you, so you don't need a full rundown, just enough to get your customer's attention.

Experience and Accomplishments: Showcase your company's accomplishments, projects, and partnerships in the "Experience" section.

By optimising your social media profiles on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn (and any other platforms you use), you're setting yourself up to reach more customers. And once you're in front of them? You're all set to build your brand and drive growth!

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