Print - Your New (Old) Secret Weapon

Print is alive and thriving and, while we may have our own horse in this race, we’re happy to say that print is here to stay. Digital media coming into the mix hasn’t replaced existing advertising channels but widened the ways that you can speak to your customers. At Yellow, we’re constantly engaging with our customers and, we can assure you, print is an extremely effective tool you should be building into your marketing strategy. Now you may find yourself asking the question… 

Who uses print?

Quite a few people! But what’s so great about these users? We know from personal experience they’re highly engaged and likely much closer to making a purchase than you think. Adopting a digital-only approach can be dangerous as you’re missing these potential customers and limiting your own reach.

What are the benefits of print?

Consumer surveys show that print is more likely to impact a reader's purchasing behaviour, with print users being more engaged and focused when interacting with newspapers, magazines or catalogues. Digital Media is used by so many and so often that you can often become lost as users are inundated with ads and posts. With print, this isn’t the case, as readers can take as little or as long as they like when reading and are less likely to be distracted by a text, call or notification, as well as deliberately seeking out the information.

Bringing print into the fold alongside your digital strategy means you can make a splash in two places. Allowing you to talk to customers who aren’t digitally connected and those who are. For those that aren’t connected, this means you’re talking to an audience fewer people are. But for those that are connected? You’re making double the impression.

You’re creating a more immersive and all-encompassing strategy, so when your customers need your product or service, your business is the one that comes to mind.

When it comes to the Yellow Book, we know our users are highly engaged. Majority of our users are searching with intent and are looking for a service or product they know they want, by the time they’re using the book it’s just a matter of who they want.

So, how can you weaponise print?

Take advantage of the perception around print and use it to your advantage to stand out from the crowd and reach your customers. Now, we’re not saying you should only use print but rather make it a part of your existing strategy - our highly engaged users already know what they want, it’s just a matter of who. Tap into this market with an engaging visual Yellow Book presence and be where the people are looking.

If you’re in the book, you’re more likely to reach customers that already know they want your business.

Not only is the Yellow Book a cost-effective means to connect with a broad year-round nationwide household presence, but we do our part for the environment. Our Yellow Books are made from 100% forestry by-products and 100% of the book is recyclable.

So what’s holding you back? Stand out from the competition and connect with the customers you want with a Yellow Book Listing or check out our other print solutions.