Marketing Predictions Roundup 2024

With 2024 in effect and the New Year in full swing, here's a roundup of what you can expect for marketing this year. 

1. Personalised & Individualised Marketing Experiences will be more important than ever. 

With customers becoming more selective when it comes to spending and hunting for value, the need for personalised and individualised marketing experiences will grow. Businesses that do this will not only enhance customer experience, but drive customer loyalty and experience. 

Use the knowledge you have about your customers to create segmented journeys based on behaviour rather than timing, leverage personalised email campaigns, customised product recommendations based on previous purchases or create tailored social media ads.

2. Authenticity > Perfectly Polished Content

Gone are the days of perfectly, polished, curated content. Customers now want to see content that looks authentic and has been made by real people, rather than polished videos or articles that can feel very clinical and corporate.  

While curated content still has a place, particularly in digital or traditional advertising, customers are looking to form connections and more authentic/genuine posts foster this - with 52% of customers only buying from businesses they completely trusted in 2023.  

3. Video is truly here to stay. 

We're sure this isn't news to anyone, but video content isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

While short form video is still the main form of video currency, marketers see long form content making a comeback in 2024. However, if you're not sure which to create to, short form is the safest bet for now. 

4. In house personal brands will replace influencers

Over the last few years, we've seen the rise of influencers. However, with customers looking for more authentic, meaningful connections and content, influencers don't have as much pull as they used to. 

Instead, customers are beginning to resonate more with businesses who are developing their own in house personal brands, leveraging their internal talent as ambassadors for the business. 

5. Content Series are making a play

Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so make it easy on your customers (and yourself) by breaking up your long form single posts into bite sized pieces of content that can be stitched together to create a story. 

This can make it easier for customers to pinpoint one specific point they're on the hunt for and keep their attention!

6. Mobile first

Chances are you've heard us go on about responsive views and mobile formats. And with mobiles making up nearly half (45.8%) of internet traffic in New Zealand, there's good reason to prioritise responsive and mobile friendly designs.

Many organisations are now beginning to build websites, emails, apps and experience with a mobile first attitude, making it more important for your business to incorporate responsive designs and functionality.

7. More Generative AI

Last but not least, Generative AI! We're sure you've heard a lot about AI in the last year, but as AI only becomes more readily available we're sure we'll keep hearing about it in 2024. 

So, there we have it, a roundup of 7 marketing predictions we've been seeing everywhere. For more insights be sure to keep an eye on our blog.