Let's Get Reel: Lights, Camera, Action!

You've got your golden idea and now you're ready to film. Here's our recommendations for filming content that will get seen.

Now you have your video idea, it's time to film! We're of the mindset that you don't need fancy equipment, in fact the more authentic and less polished your videos are, the better. Which makes filming even easier! However, we do have a couple of recommendations for getting started.



No need to invest in expensive camera equipment, most phones these days are more than sufficient to capture quality imagery and videos.


This is definitely not a must, but a nice to have. Audio can make or break your video, but luckily most phones are up for the job. If you're not sure if you're phone's audio is quite up to scratch, we'd recommend a test record. If you're not happy with it a microphone is a worthwhile investment or you can even use headphones with a built-in mic.


Depending on the type of content you're filming, a tripod can offer more flexibility and stability. If you're filming a piece to cam, we'd recommend holding your phone like you would while Face timing someone to replicate the feel of talking to a friend. But if you're setting up a time-lapse or want to film yourself cleaning out a pool, painting a wall or putting up a fence, a tripod will ensure steady footage for however long you film. 


When it comes to lighting, natural is best. If you find you don't have time in your day to film or it's an overcast, then a ring light is an affordable and easy to set up solution. 

Before you film...

Once last thing before you hit record - be sure to film in portrait! For a few years there portrait was a big no when it came to filming, but with the rise of TikTok portrait if back and here to stay. While some speculate that landscape is coming back, currently it's safest to film in portrait. The added bonus is that your video will take up more real estate on screen, getting more attention and eyes on you and your business. 

Next time you're making video content, give this a whirl to streamline your process! Want more tips and tricks, insights and resources? Take a look at our other posts here.