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How to Win with Content

When it comes to Social Media you need to use all the tricks and tips to cut through the noise and ensure your business and brand gets traction in your clients and customers minds. An excellent way to do this is to have a strong social media marketing strategy and exciting, engaging content. 

Create scroll stopping content Whether it’s beautiful photos, bright illustration, or wording that pops, make content that will make your followers stop, take note and engage with your business. 

Know your audience Study the audience insights and analytics on your chosen platform and tailor your posting times to high traffic time frames, develop content that will speak to your audience demographic and interests.

Optimise your content This means making sure you develop different content for the platform you’re publishing to. Instagram content should be highly aesthetic and visual, Facebook content lends well to sharing blog links back to your website or messages you want to have easily shared by your community with their friends and family or followers. LinkedIn is your chance to show a real behind the scenes look at your business, processes, partners and company philanthropy.  

Video is KING! There’s an old saying in the Social Media content creation industry and that is - “Content is King!” while this is true, it is also correct to say that Video content is King! Video content has a highly preference for social media algorithms and will allow you to tell more of a story about your business in a shorter time. High quality production, a Live Stream directly from your phone or even animated GIF based content all catches the eye and brings your brand to life.

Get engaged with Social Media Seek out brands that you feel are doing social media well and subscribe to their newsletter or YouTube channel, join Social Media content creator discussion groups on Facebook or LinkedIn and join in on the conversation. By doing this you’ll stay on top of emerging social media content trends you can apply to your brand communications. Enlist an Influencer or Content Creator If your business or service has a highly experiential factor to it, look into collaborating with a local social media content creator or influencer to do a social media ‘takeover.’ Here your chosen collaborator may host your Instagram or Facebook stories feed to show your community the benefits of your product or service (and by default, their community too!).

Repurpose your winning content Strike it big with engagement on a specific social media post related to a certain topic or for a targeted audience? Extrapolate this into a long form blog for your website and then share this via your social media platforms. Take a look via your platforms insights to see which pieces of content performed the best and create posts similar to this to repeat the successful results across different brand messages or offers. 

Scheduling is your friend! If you’ve been trying to create social media content for your business but find it difficult to keep up with posting a consistent flow of valuable social media posts then use the Creator Studio function on Facebook Business Manager to schedule content on Facebook or Instagram ahead of time so you can focus on other aspects of your business in the day to day. Later is also a great free platform that you can use to schedule Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest posts with.