How to Make the Most of Social Media for the Holidays

With Christmas, New Years and a whole host of stat days around the corner, it’s time to get into the holiday frame of mind! To help you out, here’s a couple of ways to make the most of social media for your business over the holidays.

1. Get festive with your content

Embrace the season and dress up your social profiles to match the holiday spirit. Aligning your social posts to the time of year increases relevancy for your customers, making them more likely to engage, shop or book in with you. Create posts featuring your products or services or share holiday-themed tips and advice for maximum impact. 

2. Time it right

With the holiday season only starting earlier and earlier each year, it's getting harder to know when to start the conversation around the holidays. As a general rule of thumb, October's the time to start posting, or at the very least think about posting! With more customers beginning to shop earlier for the holiday seasons, you don't want to miss out on your early birds.

3. Share seasonal tips relevant to your industry

While the holiday season is dominated by gifts and product based businesses, this doesn't mean services fall to the wayside. Share seasonal tips relevant to your industry through blog posts, articles, content and social posts as way to show your expertise and establish yourself as a trustworthy and valued source of information. Not only does this show you know your stuff, but it also provides useful information for your customers during a busy and chaotic time. 

4. Run holiday-themed promotions

While the weather’s heating up, so is the financial pressure. Your customers are likely on the hunt for deals and discounts during the holidays, so be sure to give your customers the best value for their money to keep them shopping with you. Seasonal promotions, discounts, incentives or offers like value packs, free shipping or free gift wrapping are great ways to reel customers in.

5. Schedule posts in advance

Take the pressure off and save time during the busy holiday season! We've spoken before about the pros of scheduling your social posts, so we won't get too into it. But using a social media scheduling tool to schedule your posts in advance for the holiday season allows you to focus on your customers and business, as well as means you won't be tethered to your phone when you do take some time off. 

6. Update your hours

Whether your business is taking a break during the holidays, running a skeleton shift, on call for emergencies only, or even extending your hours - be sure to let your customers know. Update your hours on your social profiles and make it easy for your customers to know what's happening with a post or story saved to a highlight.

7. Let your customers know about key dates

On that note, it’s also worthwhile to keep your customers in the loop about key dates for your business and the holiday. Let them know when you’re offering special deals, key dates for Christmas or New Years delivery or cut off dates for when your customers need to make any bookings.

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