How to keep your email list up to scratch


Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to reaching your customers and generating leads, as well as keeping your customers in the loop on updates and changes. But, no matter how well-crafted your email is your message will fall flat if no one receives, opens or reads it. So we’ve put together a couple of tips on how to keep open rates high and unsubscribes low. 

1. Regularly clean and update your email list

Schedule in time to maintain your email list regularly. By removing inactive or unsubscribed customers and cutting out those who are no longer interested in receiving your emails, you’ll improve deliverability rates and prevent your messages from being flagged as spam. If it’s been a while, it’s worth verifying your email list to make sure all email addresses are active and haven’t been abandoned.

2. Segment your list

Breaking out your email list into groups of customers lets you tailor your emails to their interests, demographics, or purchase history. By tailoring the content each segment receives, you’ll be able to create more personalised emails that resonate with each segment's individual needs. The Results? Increased engagement, conversion rates, and, most importantly, stronger customer relationships. 

3. Let’s get personal

Who doesn’t love a bit of personalisation? Using your customers' names and crafting content based on their preferences or past interactions ensures your customers are receiving relevant content. Making them feel less like a name or number in your database and more like a part of your community, fostering trust, encouraging opens and driving higher click-through rates. Not to mention get them excited to open an email knowing they'll get value from it!

4. Send valuable content

Email marketing isn't a one-sided relationship and your emails should benefit both you and your customers i.e. not every email should be promotional or purchase based. Depending on your business and industry you can mix up your emails with insightful tips, industry news, or exclusive content that genuinely benefits and interests your customers. By consistently offering valuable information, you position yourself as a trusted source and the go-to place for when your customers are ready to make a purchase or need your services. 

5. Avoid spammy tactics

Avoid spammy tactics like misleading subject lines or sending every other day, as you'll ultimately burn bridges and hurt your business in the long run. Focus on building authentic connections and providing genuine value, respecting your customers' time with a balance of informative and promotional emails.

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