How to grow your business

As the economy cools, the major goal for Kiwi businesses everywhere is, customers. At least that's what our most recent SME report revealed, with 48% of Kiwi businesses looking to grow and 41% looking to maintain their customer base. So, with this in mind, how do you grow your customer base?

1. Know your customers

Who are you trying to target? Are they your existing customers? Are you trying to expand your customers to a new audience you don’t already target? Either way, jot down what your ideal customer is, what they do, what they look like and where they might exist (both online and offline) to help guide you as you reach out to these audiences.

2. Build or further develop your online presence

With your ideal customer in mind, make sure they know how to find you by building or developing your online presence. Optimise your online presence with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website, engage with your customers through appropriate channels (i.e. don’t invest in TikTok if your customers aren’t on Tiktok) and build up your presence with Business Profiles.

3. Be in the right place, at the right time

Marketing is an essential business expense for both acquiring and keeping your customers. Investing in the right channels to drive traffic will benefit you for years to come, as you gain customers that stick with you for life. Digital Ads like Programmatic create the effect of following your audience across devices and sites, while Google has a variety of ad formats to choose from, not to mention social ads on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

4. Focus on customer experience

Word of mouth has evolved into testimonials and ratings, and new customers will look into what your customers have to say. Making it essential to focus on customer experience and map out an efficient and friendly journey to keep your customers happy and coming back, not to mention more likely to leave a good review!

5. Stay Seen with a marketing presence

Keeping a marketing presence alive and well is essential to growing your customers and growing your business. We know business is all about the bottom line, but marketing is an expense that will see you reap the benefits for years to come as you gain customers who will stick with you for life.

Pulling back on your marketing may benefit your bottom line in the short term, but will see another business step into frame and capture your potential customers. Remaining present, visible and consistent with your efforts ensure you stay top of mind.

Download our SME Report to learn more about what your fellow Kiwi businesses are looking to achieve this year!