How to Choose a Social Media Platform

Social Media marketing is no longer the new kid on the block! Social media and it’s highly creative images or videos; and it’s power to uniquely access and compel customers means you can take your brand, business offerings and message to your desired customer audience and put your business right in their pocket, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Adding or improving your social media strategy as part of your wider marketing strategy is key to achieving traction and retention with your customers. How though, do you ensure you’ve selected the right social media platform to promote your business? Read on for some hot tips on which social media platform might be most beneficial for you! When you’re in the process of selecting your optimum social media platform to benefit your business it’s key to take into consideration aspects such as: ease of use and accessibility, functionality, what types of content can you publish on this platform.

Ask yourself, will publishing content on this platform help me to create brand awareness or generate sales leads? Also identify: Do you want new customers brought to your business or do you want to entertain and solidify loyalty with your existing customers? This will help you decide which social media platform to select; and if you require regular engagement based content or targeted, paid social media posts to reach a new audience for your business?   


This platform is the largest in the world with over 2 billion monthly users. The Facebook business page is an online space with high visibility. It's where you can showcase and share images, blogs, articles, videos, live broadcasts, competitions, or run a store to reach your followers. Use your page to gather reviews from clients and customers. Keep an eye on comments on your page - moderation is required to ensure you're providing positive and proactive customer service. Develop a robust strategy for your Facebook page for when to post and what type of content. Make sure you budget for advertising and boost posts to reach a larger and more targeted audience, as organic content is estimated to reach as few as 2 percent of Facebook users. Facebook is the perfect platform to build long-term relationships and give easy access to your products and services.


This platform has high engagement rates, and its visual appeal makes it a creative space for any brand to market itself. Videos, photos and stories, hashtags, filters and the ability to find and connect with people or brands of interest around the world make it popular. Instagram could work for you if you can create a constant stream of visually appealing content. The majority of Instagram users are 35 and under but this could change with time as the platform becomes more established.


Whether you’re a sole trader, contractor, founder, director or an employee, LinkedIn is recommended for housing your professional profile online. It's a platform for networking that connects clients and potential employees. It’s also where many professionals can promote their unique skills and acquire work. With nearly 100 million users, it’s the place to be for professionals. You can create a personal profile or a business page with ease.

Already selected a preferred social media platform?

Congratulations! You’ve selected the social media platform that you feel will best fit your business’ marketing communication needs your next step is to ensure that you have a calendar of content scheduled and ready to roll out to your audience. You’ll also want to ensure that you regularly monitor and interact with followers that are engaging with your posts, as it’s often these conversations that generate into sales leads and positive word of mouth about your business and followers become evangelists for your business. Too busy to create scroll-stopping content or to moderate and reply to your followers? Let us do it for you! Click here for more information on our Social Media business solutions at Yellow NZ.