5 reasons to ‘like’ Facebook ads


Imagine reaching a big group of people - your exact target audience - with your product or service at the touch of a button. Each person reached has an interest, a trait, or even a behaviour that means they’re likely to be interested in what you offer. It sounds too good to be true, right? Or at the very least, pretty expensive.

Turns out, it’s not. Meet Facebook advertising.

Getting some ads up on Facebook can be pretty awesome for your business. It’s low-cost, precision marketing, and we recommended it because it gets results. The ads show up in your Facebook or Instagram newsfeeds, in your stories, even in your Messenger inbox. They can be photos or videos, and have a lot of capability for low spend: in other words, we’re talking serious bang for buck.

Here are our top five reasons to give Facebook ads a go:


1) Audience targeting

This is the big one. Facebook’s precision targeting allows you to find your ideal customer in the place they’re probably spending a good chunk of time - their social feeds. Target by all sorts of demographics, from age, gender, and region, to behaviours, interests, industry, and job title. Your phone’s not listening to you, it just knows enough about you to serve up ads for things you’re likely to be talking about.


2) Get noticed, get leads

You decide what happens when people encounter your ads: whether that’s driving traffic to your website or generating leads or even in-app purchases. Facebook ads give you a whole lot of flexibility when it comes to encouraging potential customers to take action. Plus, your ads can be integrated into newsfeeds and stories, so you’re getting visibility in the places where your customers are already looking. 


3) You’ll know it’s working

One of the big perks of digital marketing is that you can normally track how your ad spend is affecting people’s behaviour. Facebook will give you information about the activity your ads have generated (their ad management platform’s completely free to use) and if you’re tracking visits to your website or downloads, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t. If you need to prove that this marketing’s worth doing, you’ll easily be able to work out your ROI.


4) Cost-effective

When you’re working out that ROI, you’ll notice that this is a super cost-effective way of doing advertising. Facebook’s highly specific targeting means you’re reaching the people who you’d want to reach, so you don’t have to spend on big, mass campaigns, or on awareness or education. Facebook also has one of the best ROAS (return on ad spend) rates in the game.


5) It’s super easy with Yellow

Getting the hang of the ever-changing collection of digital ad tools can be a big job, and one lots of business owners don’t have time for. That’s cool, we’re here to help you out. We’ll set you up so you can hit the ground running, getting all that targeting goodness with minimal effort on your part. With over 14 years of historical data to leverage, we know our stuff. Over 2000 happy customers later, we also know we’re onto something. 


Ready to jump in? Whether you’re a one-finger-typer or an aspiring TikTok star, we can give you a hand. 

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