3 Easy ways to automate your marketing


For many kiwi businesses, digital marketing is becoming an important part of their business. But, finding the time or resources to spend on your marketing can be tricky. Enter marketing automation - a sure fire way to maximise efficiency without breaking the bank (or stealing all your time). Not sure where to start? We've put together 3 ways to automate your marketing and stop working weekends. 

1. Start scheduling your social media posts 

We’re big advocates for scheduling social posts, so much so that we’ve written all about why you should be scheduling your posts before. Not only are they a massive timesaver, but it’s one less thing to worry about on a daily or weekly basis (or however often you post). With a scheduling platform you can create content ahead of time and then set and forget, giving you back some of your time to spend on other areas of the business.

2. Automate key emails

Emails are not only an effective avenue for marketing, but the cornerstone for communication for many businesses. So why not automate them?

With email automation, you can nurture potential leads and build relationships with minimal manual effort. Not to mention, you can automate key email sequences, minimising the time you need to spend sending and replying manually. 

While you won't be able to automate every email, welcome series, appointment reminders, appointment scheduling confirmation can all be automates and free you up to dedicate you (and your teams) time to other areas of the business. 

3. Use an appointment scheduler

Appointment scheduling takes the stress out of making appointments, for both you and your customers. Customers can see your availability, book in advance, schedule recurring appointments and confirm their booking right then and there - wherever they might be. All without the downtime and waiting that comes with more manual booking systems. 

Ready to free up your time while still keeping your foot on the marketing pedal? We can help with that! Book a call back with one of our marketing experts or click here to learn more.