Seven qualities that will help you succeed in business

Are you the next Richard Branson? Do you have huge aspirations for your business? Let’s take a look at some of the traits that highly successful business people exhibit.

1. Gratitude

Business is a hard journey, particularly if you're on your own or you're taking your first leap into entrepreneurship. Some days will have you running to the exit and other days will see you jumping for joy. High five every little success and milestone you reach no matter how small it may seem at the time. Practice gratitude in all your business interactions - with new customers, clients, staff.

2. Motivation

Being naturally motivated to bring business goals to life is crucial for success. When you’re driven to make a change or fulfil your calling, appreciate each step and you’ll constantly feel a sense of accomplishment. 

3. Tenacity

Determination is an essential quality when it comes to business. Many well-known entrepreneurs have failed in their first, second, and even subsequent start-ups and business models. Don’t be put off by setbacks and perceived ‘failures’. Keep persevering, try new things, be persistent, speak to a mentor, see what you could do differently and go for it. 

4. Empathy

Being successful in business extends well beyond your creative flair, technical nous or ability to produce great output. If you’re empathetic as a leader, you’ll be able to understand and relate to the thoughts, emotions or experiences of others. It gives you the ability to support others and helps you build a strong team.

5. Integrity

Honesty is key to running a business. You wouldn’t want to do business with a dishonest person, so you wouldn't be one yourself. This goes without saying, but do everything with integrity and be genuine in all your business dealings.

6. Patience

Frankly, the 'failures and frustrations' part of being in business sucks. But, with a little patience, you can ride the tide and come out on top. If your customers don’t buy from your website immediately, maybe hang on a bit longer (or try some remarketing campaigns). If your clients are taking their time to get the agreed contract back to you, give them more time, but also let them know that you're there if they have questions. 

7. Communication

Communication is key to fostering and maintaining solid professional relationships. It’s important to be clear on what you offer, how you can enhance your target audiences’ lives and your channel of customer service. Ensure your communications aren’t limited to one area, do your best to improve your written, spoken and visual abilities and always build your networks.