How to motivate your team all year round

You'll need to stay motivated and be driven to achieve, before you can deliver a pep talk. You'll also have to be passionate about what you're doing, clear on your end goals, and most importantly, dedicated to having fun along the way! Here are some sure ways to keep yourself and your team pumped up and producing results.

Get yourself revved up

Remember your purpose. Set goals, develop routine, meet deadlines, find balance, network and upskill, and you'll inspire your team, as they watch and learn from your example.

Value your team

'Teamwork makes the dream work' it’s a well known saying but it is true. Your team backs you, so make sure you've got their backs too. When you can, acknowledge and appreciate an individual’s strengths, and celebrate team successes. Value what they add to your business on a daily basis and support them where you can. Create awesome moments that enhance your staff’s lives and surprise and delight your workforce where possible with team building events, special team meals or social outings.

Consider flexible working arrangements

With traffic in the big cities adding hours to the weekday, find ways to offer your employees a work-life balance. Balance is key to having a productive workforce, so introduce flexible working arrangements. Allow team members to work from home a couple of days a week, knock off early on a Friday, or start at 10 and finish at 6 to avoid rush-hour. Speak to your staff about what works for them and ensure they can meet deliverables through an arrangement that both parties agree to.

Introduce structure

A sense of structure and knowing what's coming up helps keep staff on track and the momentum going. Energise your staff by setting KPIs and having some key dates in the calendar. This could be anything from reaching goals to having social events to look forward to.

Keep them learning

If we’re not learning we get bored, right? Learning enhances our lives, and it doesn’t have to be daunting. Find industry relevant courses that you can send your staff to - these can be either online, in the community or overseas (if you've got the budget). Conferences, courses or mentorship recharges them and shows them that they are valued as employees. It gives them new capabilities that they'll eventually bring into your team.