5 Tips To Keep Your Team Well

As we once again move into Level 2 as a country, many businesses are coming back to life after lying dormant. Here are some quick tips on how to get your team back into the swing of things.

Health is #1 

You already know this, but no matter your industry we’re all in the business of staying well.  

Stagger lunch breaks, send sniffles home, ramp up all surface hygiene, and have more sanitizer on hand than you can poke a 1metre stick at. Keep up to date with changing protocols, even if you can’t catch New Zealand’s best day time television slot feat. Ardern and Bloomfield. 

Get chatty  

This is a weird time, and everyone is feeling their way through it as best they know how. Open the lines of communication with your people and let them know your door is open to questions they might have. Communication has been the lifeline over lockdown, so keep it positive and be genuine.  Transparency on both sides goes a long way.  

Keep the phone loud 

If your staff are on the road, entering people’s houses or outside of a controlled environment such as your office to be physically customer-facing, they might come across a hairy situation they need a hand navigating. Be available to answer their calls to advise how to get the job done safely.  

Show some love 

Shout them a coffee, grab their lunch, or (safely) hand them a bottle of vino. If you’re not in a position to do that, even a shout out on your business socials is a tip of the hat to your awesome team. 

We’ve all learned over the last few weeks that small gestures mean a lot, and it’s unlikely you’ll be throwing a big bash any time soon.  

Give it a minute 

As much as we all want to snap back to standard practice, some people will take longer to adjust than others. Situations at home could have changed, and some might be working with new circumstances. A little patience while everyone settles in will make for a smoother transition into the new normal.